Beeman falls in Jawadhu hills has become Popular Tourist Place

The place is a nature tourism spot and suitable for trekking

After a fairly good monsoon in the Vellore and Tiruvannamalai regions, the Beeman falls in Jawadhu hills has become a holiday destination for visitors from places as far as Bengaluru and Salem this year.

The Beeman falls in Jamunamarathur village is probably the best kept secret of Tiruvannamalai district. It can be reached from Polur or Vaniyambadi, from where the ascent begins, passing through the Kavalur observatory and Alangayam.

Waterfalls has been the centre of attraction in Jawadhu hills. The season usually begins after the rainy season.

Beeman falls is a nature tourism spot in the region. It is a photographer’s paradise and is also suitable for trekking. The solitude of the hills near the falls makes the overnight stay a good experience. Jamanamarathur is the nearest town located 40 km from Polur.

Generally, the Beeman falls is in a cascade for over 8 months in a year. The tourists are allowed to bathe in the pool beneath the waterfall.

In addition to the falls, Kavalur Observatory, Amirthi Forest, Glass House, Ginjee Fort, Sathanur Dam and the hills themselves are other nearby tourism spots.

According to sources, last year did not see many visitors as the extended summer kept many indoors. However, the downpour in October-November cooled the place and brought in the tourists.

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