12 under scanner for coronavirus in Vellore, 119 health teams to create awareness

VELLORE: The health department in combined Vellore district has constituted 119 medical teams to carry out a comprehensive awareness programme on the coronavirus infection even as officials continue to monitor 12 people who have returned from China.
“We have formed special medical teams, one each for the 119 primary health centres (PHCs) in combined Vellore district. These teams will carry out coronavirus awareness activities,” KST Suresh, deputy director (DD) of Health, told Express on Monday.

Each team of five members will have a medical officer, health inspector, village health nurse, hospital staffer and nurse.

They will visit educational institutions including schools and colleges, public places and bus termini to demonstrate techniques and explain precautionary measures to be adopted to keep the virus away.

Frequently washing hands, particularly before taking food, cooking and after using toilets, is stressed by health officials as part of better maintenance of personal hygiene to fight the viral infection. Covering the mouth and nose while sneezing is also emphasised to keep away from infection.

“During the awareness drive, the focus will be on handwashing techniques and cough ethics,” Suresh noted.

In the combined Vellore district (including Tirupathur and Ranipet), 12 people flown down from different parts of China are being closely monitored. They have been advised to stay indoors for 28 days, the incubation period of the virus.

A physician and a health inspector are visiting them daily to examine their condition.

Of the 12, four are from Ranipet, three from Tirupathur, two from Vellore city and one each from Ambur, Arakkonam and Katpadi.

They have also been advised to approach the government hospital in their neighbourhood if they develop a cold, cough or fever.

“There is no case of coronavirus infection in combined Vellore district. We are monitoring the health condition of those who have come from China. There is no need for panic,” Suresh added.

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