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China's crackdown on online projects to preserve COVID19

China's crackdown on online projects to preserve COVID19

Update on #China's crackdown on online projects to preserve #COVID19 memories - Popular online project #nCoVMemory, which collects online content and news articles about #COVID19 in China, has set their site to private, calling it a necessary protective measure. 
The news comes after three volunteers of another content-aggregating project in #Beijing were arrested and detained by the Chinese officials. The project that they are involved in also collects articles and online information about #COVID19

The #nCoVMemory team said in order to "avoid existing risks, they can no longer set the online project as public." They apologize for the inconvenience but emphasized that all of their members were safe. They promised that if the situation improves again, they might set the website as public again. They expressed gratitude for all the concerns about their safety expressed by Chinese netizens on Weibo. The project is one of the many citizen-initiated projects that aimed at preserving truthful reporting and information shared by citizens. 

However, since the #COVID19 outbreak, Beijing has also intensified its crackdown on citizens sharing information or sensitive content related to #COVID19 pandemic. Hundreds of them have been briefly detained or fined for posting #COVID19 content on social media. 
Others like the three in #Beijing or @hu_jia were put under RSDL or house arrest. 


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