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Lesser known and Low competition Jobs

Lesser known and Low competition Jobs

Job is everyone's need. But how many people get that job. Very few people get a job. Many of us are unemployed. So we all wonder if we can make money in some way. This is why more and more people are currently going to Youtube and blogging and become a celebrity.  
What is the reason for this unemployment. Maybe population but some people have more talent in a some field, but they do not get a job in that field. Maybe some politics. But in some field only a few people with talentless people will work in it without any competition. This because many of us are not aware of those job. In this post we will break it. In this post I'll write about Lesser known and Low competition Jobs.

1. Information Security Analyst

The security of our information is questionable as technology grows. Currently all companies are provide the powerful security for their users information. Thus this work has been demanded. They are specialized workers who design and implement security measures for computer systems and networks. They may monitor for breaches and analyst the last technology, research the security technology and create and provide the security. And this is low competition job.

2. Database Administrator

Database administrator is a lesser known job and low competition job. Because we are all learn scripting languages, coding languages, and some backend developing but, many of us don't even think about database management. Because you can't create anything in it and you can't trade it and maybe it's boaring. So many of us would not even learn it. This is the reason for the this is low competition job. But you can make a lot of money from this just doing a manage the database. And it is lesser known job. So guys consider about this job.

3. Ethical Hacker
Ethical hackers secure the information from black hatter and grey hatters. And they use their knowledge to improve the security and technology for some organization. And they will find and report organization to the weakest part of the program (code). And they will make the weak code stronger. And they'll find the loop holes in program and they'll fix it. So currently all companies offered the ethical hackers. So job vacancy is high for the Ethical hackers. And one more thing this is low competition job.

4. Fitness Trainer

This job on this list may take you a little skeptical. But actually the job for fitness trainers are high. It's demand it because many people do not take it seriously and don't want to take it as a career. And there are few fitness trainer but a lot of people need fitness trainers. And also you can get good income from this. So guys you consider it. And one more thing this is low competition job.

5. Genetic Counselor

Genetic Counselor give the advice for our psychological problems. And they explain family history and inheritance, genetic. They collect the data from their patient for understanding their problems. Then they give treatment that suits them. They will take the genetic test to their patient. Then they explain to his patient what the problem. Then give the counselling for their problems. Currently many people have genetic and psychological problem. So the need of genetic counsellor is high.

6. Food Scientist

Food scientists discover the new kind of foods, flavors, nutrition, color of food, healthy foods, and more. They use chemistry, physics, and technology to use discover new kind of food.  
They analyse the nutrition in foods and analyse the size of chemicals in foods and analyse the side effect of foods.
They study the chemical form and physical form of foods to become a food scientist. And it is lesser known job.

7. Operation Research analyst

Operation Research analyst will solve the most confusing problems in very large operations. They use high technology like data mining, optimization, algorithm solving, analyse the data, analyse the stats to solve this problem. They are called high level problem solvers. They are help to make better decisions.
But you have to study more for become a operation research analyst. This is why no one comes to this job much. But you can easily get this job if you work hard for a six to seven eight years. And one more thing this is low competition job. So guys think about it.

8. System Architecture
System Architecture make the design, structure, behavior, and more thing. But they will only create conceptual. System architect works on complex problems, advanced technical projects, business issues, economical problems. It is lesser known job.

9. Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineer discover new kind of robots and make the robust robots. Currently the demand of robot is very high. So robotics engineers have more job opportunity. It is a little bit difficult and the cost study is high. So most people do not take his carrier. So it is a low competition job.

Guys I'll hope you understand and known "lesser known and low competition jobs". If you have any queries then ask in comment box.


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