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Neuralink Brain Chip Universal Brain Reader

Neuralink Brain Chip Universal Brain Reader

Universal Brain Reader

Will you really be able to plug a computer into your brain and download your memories into a robot ???

Elon Musk's Neuralink, the secretive company developing a new brain_computer interface its called the link and he says that one could cure everything From Paralysis to Blindness

Brain Function

Our brain made up of billions of neurons cells with long spindly arms that send messages by electrical spikes those spikes and electricity travel between neurons in a chain reaction sending messages to the parts of our brain that control speech or movement.

How Neuralink plans to read those electric spikes?

  • Elon musk unveiled Neuralinks implantable brain chip the link version 0.9
  • According to Neuralink, your brain cells are kind of like electrical wiring, and rather than just having neurons sending electrical signals those signals could be sent and received by a chip. 
  • Its brain_computer interface designed to be implanted directly into the brain by a surgical robot, same-day surgery without a big incision or general anesthesia.
The chips plug into your brain directly by a tiny microscopic thread they are about 10th width of the human hair that totally contains 1,024 electrodes and they connect with the neurons in your brains to receive and send electrical signals.

This device has a converter from analog to digital. so the signal from the brain will be received by the device and will give a digitalized version. 

They have also implemented Bluetooth technology, through this Bluetooth, the brain data has been transferred to the app. The device installed in your head will have an address . by using the address we can connect the device to the app. Whatever you think in your brain will be digitalized and recorded in the app. 

Neuralink installation

Electrodes won't damage your brain, 
Neuralink has also developed a precision robot to surgically installed the chip in the skull and feed the wires into the brain as to not damage it by accidentally punching the blood vessels. The installation process takes an hour and leaves nothing but a small scare.

Neuralink specs

  • It has an all-day battery life 
  • Wireless charging
  • Overnight it will recharge
  • Chip size 23mm x 8mm  
  • 1024channels per link
  • It's designed to wirelessly connect to your phone through Bluetooth (Range 5 to 10 meters)

How does Neuralink work?

The initial phase of the project will focus on the healthcare industry. 

Musk said that the device will be able to help regain someone's eyesight even if they have lost their optical nerve by they will give a headset which has a high definition camera, when the camera records the digital data the chipset will convert into analog data directly feed into the brain and show it to the blind people. if the digitalized data will be shown to the blind people who are blond thus giving the vision.

People who can't hear, after installing this device can hear the sounds and voice around them. This device will transform the data into analog for the people to hear.
This technology will be able to fix anything wrong with the brain, and it can also be used to restore memory, movement of a paralyzed person. and this device is also able to identify the diseases which are affecting the human body.

We will literally have the collective knowledge of the modern world at our command, any answer to any question calculation, or problem will be instantly available to us.

If you receive a call on your mobile, by just thinking it you can attend the phone call. When you have imagined taking the call and gave the order the device will attend the call and also record the full conversation. the chipset will convert the digital data into analog data and inject the information into your brain.

The Risk of Neuralink

If there is Bluetooth, it can be easily hacked. they can easily change anyone into a slave with their data.

Hackers could intercept data traveling from the chip to the brain, allowing them to gather sensitive data such as a login for emails and other systems.

The direct stimulation could rewrite our thinking patterns in a negative way, leading to a lifetime of mental disorders. They could potentially be used against someone maliciously.

In 2020, Neuralink is in the talking phase with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) now this device will come for human trials.

The future gonna be weird .....

What are your comments? 


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