New Pill Repairs Aged CellsAll Over the Body

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have discovered a new compound that has the amazing ability to reverse the aging process in cells, extending lifespan and restoring health.

The compound was immediately formulated into an all-natural pill that adults and seniors, from all over the country, are now taking every day.

Sold under the brand name Ultra Accel II, the new once-daily pill promotes and protects the healthy function of the body's most vital organs and systems, including memory and recall, heart and lung function, immune defense, and robust energy levels.

Research shows the pill's primary ingredients support the growth of new mitochondria in the body's most important organs, a process called mitochondrial biogenesis.

Scientists long believed this was virtually impossible after a certain age. But the latest research proves that it can be achieved with the ingredients found in Ultra Accel II.

Energizes the Body's Most Vital Organs

And because plentiful, vigorous mitochondria are associated with youthful vigor, there's evidence that Ultra Accel Il fully supports an active, healthy lifestyle that defies one's chronological age. Here's how:

Mitochondria are found in all cells (and there are trillions of them in your body). They produce the cellular energy required by your organs to function.

In the most energy-demanding organ, like the brain and heart, there can be as many as 2,000 mitochondria per cell. And according to a landslide of clinical data, the health of these mitochondria determines our level of health and how long we live.

When organs lack the cellular energy they require to work at 100% efficiency, your health deteriorates and you age faster.

This is why mitochondria dysfunction is the root of many problems associated with growing older. Low energy, fatigue, muscle weakness, memory loss, poor immunity, skin aging, and blood sugar problems, are often the result of an energy crisis in your cells.

But now, for the first time ever, there's a fix for the estimated 50 million adults and seniors who suffer often unknowingly from these ailments.

"With daily use, Ultra Accel II helps users feel more energetic and vital. Many also notice significant improvements in brain, heart, and lung function too," explains Dr. Al Sears, creator of the Ultra Accel II pill.

"And that's because Ultra Accel Il multiplies the number of youthful mitochondria in every cell of your body and in every important organ and tissue.

The result is an enormous spike in cellular energy that literally reverses your biological clock. In laymen's terms, you grow younger."

The University Study That Started the Anti-Aging Movement

Dr. Sears' inspiration for UItra Accel II came after reviewing the new study published by researchers at UC Davis. These researchers discovered that when mice were fed the natural compound called PQQ the number of mitochondria in their cells multiplied.

In eight weeks they saw a staggering 55% increase in young youthful mitochondria. Even more remarkable was the fact that the mice with the strongest mitochondria showed no signs of ag 1 ing even when they were the equivalent to 80 years old.

"After reading the study on PQQ. I immediately called my manufacturer. He explained to me PQQ was incredibly hard to source but after a few months. I finally got my hands on some and successfully blended it into a soft gel," explains Dr. Sears.

"I was the first to try it. After the first dose, I felt an immediate boost in energy. With daily use, I noticed my endurance, memory, vision, and even the appearance of my skin and hair improved. It was truly amazing."

Science of Age Reversal

Two key ingredients make up the Ultra Accel II soft gel. The first is a patented form of PQQ called BioPQQ. The second is Ubiquinol, the most effective form of


Research shows that as we get older the number of mitochondria in our cells declines sharply. In fact, by age 67 nearly 80% of the mitochondria we had at 25 have died.

This dramatic decline can trigger many serious health problems, including heart failure, memory loss and relentless fatigue. It can also cause the skin to look older and accelerate the overall aging process.

The BioPQQ in Ultra Accel II is one of the only known compounds to actually multiply the number of mitochondria in your cells! And just like a power cord, the Ubiquinol has the amazing ability to energize these new, youthful mitochondria so that they are fully charged.

Patients Hail Improvements in Health and a Deceleration in Aging

The initial feedback from patients using Ultra Accel II has been strong. Many say they have never felt better.

"I'm a 70-year-old man and I've been taking Accel for 2 1/2 months. On a recent treadmill stress test, I was told that I did as well as several patients tested who were in their 20s," raves one user. Adds another: "I noticed a difference within a few days. My endurance almost doubled. But it's not just in your body. You can feel it mentally too,"

Changing the Way We Age

Ultra Accel II is an exciting new anti-aging pill that's now helped thousands of people reclaim their energy. vitality, and youth regardless of their age or health status.

With daily use, it can help you look and feel decades younger and sidestep the illnesses that accompany aging and can make life hard.

You can now regain the boundless energy, new vigor, and physical capabilities you enjoyed in your youth.

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